Persuading with words

Oral communication covers more than 60% of the day and can be used to persuade, explain, influence, motivate, advise, etc … With words you can do whatever you want, but keep in mind that depending on how you use will be captivating or frightening.

The more knowledgeable you are in the use of language, will be more persuasive . We can convince others in terms of words we use.

To create an effective oral language must take into account the following critical aspects of language:

A-Right choice of words:

1 – Election of positive words (eg say «then I will call him» instead of «is not my problem, call another phone number»)

2 – Use words which express emotion (eg instead of saving that cheap)

3 – Use of silence (the speaker needs time to think and reflect on what you are saying)

4 – Use vivid language (show images throught the words «… carrying a bloody knife in hand …»)
5 – Use simple words but convincing (ie, is much more convincing to use you than persons as a global)

6 – Simple Phrases

7 – The best words that capture the attention (The 16 best words that capture the attention are , Benefit, Free, Guaranteed, Money, How, Now, Results, Save, Easy, Fun, Health, Love, New, Tested , Sure, You)

B-Oral technique: Keep your audience’s attention and make you listen

1-Focus (depending on where you put the emphasis the phrase has different meanings)

2 – Pace (speed at which you speak, you talk faster, louder and more fluently and several orall frequency and intensity you have more power of persuasion)

3 – Tone (in our culture deep voices, both women and men, reflect authority and credibility, since they convey sincerity and trust)

5 – Joint (with good articulation transmit competence, experience and credibility)

6 – Pauses (pause is well planned before you want to highlight)

Always accompanied by the words of a convincing body language and visual. Above all look into the eyes of the people you’re talking about, this will give your words more credibility.

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