The 20 common mistakes in negotiation

The following check list is designed to help you avoid all the common pitfalls and traps that can lead to a poor or failed negotiation.

  1. Assuming the other party knows more about you than they actually do
  2. Assumption about what the other side wants
  3. Failing to gain their understanding of the value of your offer/s
  4. Undervaluing a component you have to trade because it is low cost to you
  5. Telling the other side you can give something easily
  6. Giving away a concession before they have made a return commitment
  7. Not listening/talking too much
  8. Talking price too early
  9. Allowing others to pick off issues singly rather than considering the whole package.
  10. Believing claims about your competition without seeing evidence
  11. Fear of the other side
  12. Not having an alternative to the deal you hoped for
  13. Negotiating beyond your authority or understanding
  14. Allowing yourself to be hurried
  15. Failing to put yourself in the other side’s shoes
  16. Lack of confidence
  17. Giving concessions too easily
  18. Worrying about being liked
  19. Taking things personally
  20. Underestimating your power, overestimating theirs

If you have made any of these mistakes, don’t worry, it’s the perfect opportunity to change. In life there are only two things we can’t control, the birth and death, the rest is up to negotiate well. Enjoy the battle!

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