5 Key Critical Factors in any training initiative

Five key factors are critical to the success of any training initiative. It’s important to ensure that these factors are addressed from the beginning.

Ensuring Strategic Integration

Uncovering the true business need is one of the most important steps in the training process. Often the real need is layers below the perceived issues. Once we are clear that we’ve identified the real problem, we ensure that the training design drives your organization’s strategic objectives, and aligns critical tasks and competencies so that your people are equipped to make a difference.

Securing Top Management Buy In

We ensure that senior executives set the tone and create passion and buy in for the training and align the training initiative to your organization’s key strategic initiatives.

Effective Training Deployment

Training must be an ongoing process in order to fully maximize the payoff. An integrated process is two-to-three times more effective than standard training delivery.

Demonstrating Tangible Value

It is critical that your training initiative pay off where and how you want it to. It’s important to determine the changes and impact your organization wants to achieve from training.

Focused Follow-up and Reinforcement

Organizations must spend 10 times the energy reinforcing training than they do in the delivery. Follow-up and reinforcement help bridge the gap between learning and doing to ensure that your people quickly and effectively internalize and apply what they’ve learned.

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