#play14 Barcelona – 19th to 21st October 2017


We organise the next #play14 meeting in Barcelona. It will be in October and you can’t miss it!!!!

Registration will be open soon on this website page or on play14.org/barcelona

We are looking for SPONSORS. If you are interested on sponsoring, please contact ebalmana@traico.es

#play14 is a gathering for people who are using games as metaphors in their daily work and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with other practitioners. It is also a great opportunity for beginners to discover what Serious Games are in the context of facilitation. #play14 also provides a safe environment to experience new things, like for example new game designs.

The concept of Serious Games gathering comes from the Agile software development community, especially from an Agile Coach camp in Germany. After a few years of existence, some people decided to derive this event to specialize on Agile Games. Agile Games are a set of activities used by Agile coaches in order to achieve goals like changing the current team culture, speeding the learning process, fostering collaboration between people, or conducting organizational changes.

Our goal with #play14 is to broaden the event audience to any kind of people who are interested in this teaching/learning paradigm. As organizers, we bet that people from other communities than Agile software development can benefit from each other by sharing their approach to Serious Games. That is why we expect participants with backgrounds as diverse as Agile coaching, education, service design, improvisation theatre, psychology, language pathology services, innovation and creativity, HR services and so forth.

Information and registration on  traicoprojects.com/#play14  or on play14.org/barcelona077ab55046ce80eaf9a3ddea999597ca_XL-2

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